How can I track my order?

After you place your online order for delivery you should receive:

  • Confirmation email: notifying you that your order has been successfully placed.
  • Tracking email: after your order has been successfully processed you will receive your tracking details via email. These can be entered through the relevant delivery company’s website to keep you updated which can be found below.
  • Delivery email: once your order has been delivered you will receive an email notifying you of this just in case you aren’t home at the time of delivery.

Please note: Once Decathlon has signed off on delivery through one of our shipping channels, we no longer have control of the speed of delivery, and are limited in our control over shipment from that point. Please also be advised that Decathlon Australia is not liable for any loss or stolen goods.

You can use the below links to track your order through the actual courier partner for more information.

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