Do you service Bikes/Scooters?

We are glad to offer our bike & scooter services exclusively to our Decathlon members!
Please take note that Decathlon workshops will only accept bike repair services for the following bike brands:
1. Btwin
2. Triban
3. Rockrider
4. Tilt
5. Elops.
Our workshop technicians have the right to reject bikes that are not from the brands listed above, and please know that workshop operating hours may vary depending on store. We do not have a booking service for Bike Servicing, so please come in at your convenience to one of our Experience Stores and our team in-store will provide you with a timeframe as well as pricing for the servicing.
Please note: We do offer some services for external brand bikes, but this will need to be determined by the workshop team, in person. Please come into one of our stores if you are looking to have an externally branded bike repaired by our team.

Mar 5, 2024

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